Meet the Team

Kyle Painting | CEO

"I founded My Influency because I believe that the Atlanta community can thrive if local businesses and local influencers are given a platform to connect and do business with each other safely and transparently."

Brandon McCulloh | CTO

“I signed on with My Influency because businesses deserve an inexpensive and easy-to-use medium for promoting themselves. We provide that and so much more through a centralized and safe environment. Web design and systems engineering are my passion; My Influency is my opportunity to carry out both.”

Baran Kavusturucu | COO

“I joined My Influency because everyone deserves to have market leading insights and opportunities without the high barriers to entry we see in the influencer marketing industry today. All businesses should, in an ideal world, have the chance to understand their customers and serve to the best of their abilities. Together, we will build a community that is more in tune with their customers than ever before.”