Why Should Your Business Leverage Local Influencers?

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72% of Adults use at least one social media

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58% of consumers have purchased a new product in the last 6 months at an influencer's recommendation

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Businesses make 5.2x for every dollar spent on influencer marketing

Here’s Where My Influency Comes In...

We have created a safe and easy-to-use marketplace that enables you to display and grow your brand/business through the power of locally impactful micro-influencers.

So what are micro influencers/ why should I use them?

Micro-influencers are influencer accounts with 30,000 or fewer followers.

60 %


Due to their smaller following, micro-influencers are able to interact more with their audiences, yielding 60% more engagement than macro and celebrity influencers.

6.7 X


Micro-influencers are 6.7x more cost-efficient than larger scale Influencers. In short, they get you more bang for your buck.

22.2 %


Micro-Influencers engage in 22.2x more conversations than the average consumer. Maintaining a personal relationship with their followers, micro-influencers are able to more effectively encourage their audiences to follow their recommendations.

My Influency delivers to you the value and impact of influencer-based marketing and advertising to the communities where you operate your business.

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We make it incredibly fast and simple to find influencers that resonate with your unique audience

Just create a new campaign, write a description of what it is you’d like to have endorsed, list out your expectations and goals for the campaign, and click save.

Go to our influencer search page and select the filters that correspond with what you’re looking for, select as many influencers as you need for the campaign, and hit send.

You’ll know how many influencers accepted your offer within 48 hours, giving you ample time afterwards to send out more offers if need be.

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We make managing your campaigns as easy as possible, so you can worry about running your business

By accepting your offer, influencers are legally bound to all terms listed within it. Once offers are accepted, campaign progress and performance can be viewed at the individual influencer lever in our contract management hub.

Before post submission, influencers will submit a post for approval. In case there are any discrepancies or additional asks, we open a messenger chat to allow for easy communication. While these additional asks are not part of the contract, flexibility can be reflected in our two-way satisfaction rating system.

Following successful completion of the post, likes, comments, and clicks can be tracked at the overall and individual influencer level, to inform decisions about future campaigns and return influencer business. Quickly add influencers to a favorites list for easy future access.

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We provide a secure system in which business can be conducted freely, without fear of foul play

With My Influency, avoid many of the dangers that can be incurred when doing business through email and direct messaging methods. Payments are sent to influencers 30 days after successful post completion, providing plenty of time for any issues to be resolved, or transactions to be canceled in the event of foul play. We charge 6.5% in commission for our services, allowing you to join the influencing market without hefty subscription fees upfront.

Even more questions?

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