You have questions,

We have answers!

We enable local businesses to search for, negotiate, and contract with local influencers to create and publish bespoke advertisements on Instagram.

With no subscription fee, and influencers listed as low as $20 per campaign, it's extremely easy to dip your toes in the water first, experience the benefits firsthand, and dive in once you discover just how efficient and effective influencer marketing can be with My Influency.

Aside from signing up, don’t hesitate to reach to us on our instagram @my_influency. We would love to have you join our digital community and interact with us about the problems and solutions that local businesses and influencers face!

You can get started working with brands on our site with as few as 1500 followers!

We are committed to making sure that local Atlanta businesses, along with those in the greater metro area, can thrive during these tough economic times. We will expand as quickly as we can while still being involved with the communities we work with.

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